2 A Journey By Train Composition for All class student

A journey by train composition
A journey by train composition

A Journey By Train Composition : A journey is an exciting experience to everybody. It provides a student with a relief from the routine works. So, a journey is more attractive to a student.A journey by train is especially very pleasant and enjoyable to me. A few days ago I made a journey by train from Dhaka to Chittagong.

Occasion: During the last vacation one of my friends requested me to attend his sister’s marriage ceremony at Chittagong. Our relation is so deep that I could not regret the invitation . On top of that, it was an opportunity to make a train journey. So, I gladly accepted the invitation.

Description of the journey: On the fixed day we reached the Kamalapur station at 7 a.m. The station was very crowded. Somehow we managed to buy our tickets. With great difficulty we got into the train. After a few minutes the guard blew the whistle and the train began to move on. I heaved a sigh of relief. A gentle breeze entered the compartment. I felt fresh and cold. This helped my mind to enjoy the whole journey.

Scenery enjoyed: I kept looking outside-through the window. The train was passing through the green fields. Dew drops on green grasses were glittering like pearls, trees and houses seemed to run behind. We saw the farmers working in the fields.Cattle were grazing here and there. The train stopped at a few big stations.We bought boiled eggs, bananas, magazines etc. from the hawkers. When the train started from Feni station, I saw the hills of Chittagong. On the right, I saw the vast sheet of water of the Bay of
Bengal. Gradually the sun was setting in the western sky. The golden rays of the declining sun fell on the water. The whole water of the Bay of Bengal turned reddish. This scenery was too much charming to give my mind into another fields. All these pleased me.

Destination: In the midst of my reverie the train reached Chittagong at 5 p.m. We got down from the train and met my friend. He was there to welcome us.we safely reached my friend’s house.

Conclusion: It was the most pleasant journey in my life. I enjoyed it so much that the memory of the journey will remain ever fresh in my heart.

A Journey By Train Composition 2 :

A Journey By Train composition : To move from one place to another alone or with a group in order to gain new experience and new knowledge is known as a journey. To move from one place to another to gain new experience by train is known as a train journey. Any journey is pleasant and enjoyable to all. Of all a journey by train is specially is very interesting and enjoyable to me. A decent and happy life can’t be thought of without making any journey every year during holidays.

Occasion: Last week I made a joyful train journey from Bhairab to Chittagong. During the last winter vacation I was asked to visit my uncle’s house in Chittagong. So I got a chance to make a happy but long journey by train.

Description: Last Friday I and my friend Rakib arrived at Bairab Railway Station at 9 am by taxi. We bought our tickets. The train arrived at the station at 9.30 am and we got into the train. We were fortunate because we got our seats beside the window. After a few minutes,the guard blew the whistle,waved the green flag and the train began to move on slowly. After a few minutes the train started running in full speed across a green paddy fields. I looked outside through the window. I saw the farmers working in the paddy fields. Trees, houses, fields etc seemed to run behind the train. I also saw many boys and girls going to schools and colleges.I enjoyed the mild jerking of the train and the mild sound of the wheels. After an hour, the train stopped at Comilla Railway Station. Then some hawkers got into the train. We bought some bananas, boiled eggs, a magazine and a daily newspaper. Again,after a few minutes,the train started for Chittagong. We arrived at Feni Station at 11 am. When the train started from Feni station,we could see the hills of Chittagong . i enjoyed the wonderful scenery of the hills. some passengers were sleeping. some were talking and some were reading magazines and newspapers into the
coach/compartment. Really it was a new experience in my life.

Destination: After five hours,we reached Chittagong Railway Station at 3 pm.We faced no trouble on the way to Chittagong. we got down from the high speed train and saw my cousin standing at the gate of the station. we went to uncles house by taxi. We were cordially received there. All the members of the family became very glad to see us.

Conclusion: The journey by train was the most joyful and interesting to me. i enjoyed the journey very much. I gained new knowledge and new experience. I can never forget the happiest journey in my life.The journey often peeps into my mind . Only by reading books, magazines and newspapers we cannot widen our kingdom of knowledge to be successful in life. A Journey by train greatly widens our knowledge to face the battle of life. So everyone should make a journey by train in order to gain/acquire new knowledge and new experience.

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