A liar cowboy story / nobody believes a liar story

A liar cowboy story
A liar cowboy story / nobody believes a liar story

A liar cowboy story / nobody believes a liar story / Falsehood Brings Destruction story : There lived a cowboy in a certain village. He grazed the cattle in the field near the forest. He used to cut grasses, wash away the cattle and feed them. Besides, his usual duty, he sang, played flute and gossiped with other boys. But the boy had a bad habit.

He used to lie on the slightest excuse. Even he lied just to make fun. While grazing the cattle in the field, he at times used to shout at the top of his voice saying ‘tiger’, ‘tiger’. People used to come running towards him hearing his shouting. But the boy would laugh at them. Many a time did the boy play this trick and the people who came to help him were received with a giggle.

One day the people went away saying “If, the liar cries out again, we won’t go to his help.” One day at afternoon, the boy was grazing the cattle in the field. Suddenly he saw a tiger. He became afraid and shouted saying tiger again and again. But nobody came to save him. He tried to climb up a tree but failed. The tiger attacked very swiftly and killed him. When people found him as a dead body, they had nothing to do.

In fact, sometimes we ourselves create the tragedy in our life. Same thing happened in the cowboy’s life. If he didn’t tell a lie shouting ‘tiger’, people would come running and perhaps he might avoid the danger. So we should not tell a lie even for making a fun.

Moral of the story : Nobody Believes a liar or Falsehood brings destruction .

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