A whimsical king story in English

A whimsical king story
A whimsical king story

A Whimsical King story: Once there lived a whimsical king in a certain island.There were innumerable green trees everywhere in the island. The king made up his mind to build a magnificent palace in the island. So he ordered his men to cut down all the trees. Some opposed the king’s idea but he did not pay heed to the right and legal opposition. So people were compelled to obey the king’s order. To materialise the purpose of the king, they cut down all the trees.

As a result, a great change took place in the climate of the island. The island turned into a
desert. There was no rain. Consequently crops did not grow well. Famine visited the island. People had to starve for days together. It was quite unbearable for them.

One day they came to the king’s palace and lay seize around the palace.They protested against the devastating decison taken by the king.They wanted to have their food but the king could not give them any food for their survival. At last they became very excited and furious. They dragged the king from his chair and on the spur of the moment killed him. Thus, the whimsical king met his doom.

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