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Date : july 20, 2019

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Subject : My Bangladesh

dear reduan ,

Hope everything is fine with you. we are fine in Bangladesh. in your last communication you wanted to know about bangladesh. yes, about my loving country  Bangladesh. let me give you a short presentation of it.

Bangladesh is a south Asian country located between South Asia and South East Asia. It is a small territory of nearly 150,000 Sq Kms but it has a large population of 160 million people. It is a developing country. We are hoping to be a middle income country by 2021. Ready made garments, jute, leather, tea, cement, sugar, pharmaceuticals, ship building are its main industries. Its natural resources are natural gas, fisheries, forests, coal, and productive labour force. We are a proud nation. We have a long recorded history of 2500 years. Bangladesh became modern independent state in 1971. We have democracy and a rich culture. Bangladesh is also a tourist country with many beautiful places to visit. It has the world’s longest
sea beach i.e. the Cox’s Bazaar and the world’s largest mangrove forest i.e. the Sundarbans. Most of the people live in villages. Only 30% people live in the urban areas. More than 300 rivers are crisscrossing the country. We grow all kinds of food grains and vegetables and fruits such as
paddy, wheat, maize, potato, cauliflower, cabbage, aurum, cucumber, leaf vegetables, egg plants, lady’s fingers, mangoes, jackfruits, litchis, bananas, palms, coconuts, oranges, grapes etc.
You should come as early as possible to see our beautiful country and enjoy your good time with us.

Best wishes

your truly

jahidur rahman

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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