Climate Change in Bangladesh Composition

climate change in Bangladesh composition / climate change and Bangladesh composition : Climate change has become a major global concern nowadays. Especially the developing and underdeveloped countries of the world are being seriously affected by it. These countries contribute to climate change the least, but they suffer for it the most.

climate change in Bangladesh composition
climate change in Bangladesh composition

What is climate change : Climate change is the changes in the earth’s weather including changes in temperature wind patterns and rainfall. But especially it refers to the increase in the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere that is caused by the increase of particular gases. These gases include mainly Carbon dioxide, Methane, Chloroflu or ocarbons (CFCs) and oxides of Nitrogen and Sulphur.

How is climate change caused : The particular gases responsible for climate change are called greenhouse gases. Due to destruction and burning down of tropical rain forests, increasing use of fossil fuels, Rapid Growth of industry, use of CFC’s in packaging and manufacturing commercial producrts and so on , Greenhouse gases are increasing. As a result, heat is being trapped increasingly in the atmosphere which causes climate change.

Bangladesh and climate change : Bangladesh is under the serious threat of climate change. Already the country has had bitter experiences of climate change . The threats lying ahead for this change are described below briefly:

i) Threat of flood : According to Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change'(IPCC) the sea-level of the Bay of Bengal will be increased about 100 CM by 2100 due to climate change. Such a rise in the sea-level will flood nearly 17% of our total land area. This will destroy physical Infrastructure of the flooded area and one-fifth of our total population will be homeless.
ii) Frequency of natural calamities : As a result of climate change , Bangladesh is being affected with frequent natural calamities during the recent years. these calamities include floods, cyclones, tidal bores , excessive rainfall, riverbank erosion, drought etc. Bangladesh experiences an intense flood almost in every four years. Besides, there are floods with lesser magnitude almost in every year. On the other hand cyclones like ‘Sidr, ‘nargis’, ‘Aila’ have become regular nightmare experiences for the people of coastal areas. These cyclones are often associated with tidal bores. Droughts of various magnitude also affect 20-46 percent land of Bangladesh every year.
iii) Decreasing food production : According to IPCC, the average temperature of Bangladesh will be increased up to 2 degree celsius by 2050. As a result sea-level will rise which will increase salinity in the inland rivers. Experts fear that this increased salinity along with shortage of water for irrigation will decrease the production of rice upto 10% and wheat upto 30%.

Utlimate result of climate change in Bangladesh : If the present rate of climate change continues, there will be no country in the world map called Bangladesh. The whole country will go under sea-water and there will be no sign of the present flora and fauna .

What to do to face climate change : Climate change is such a problem in the world that it must be addressed unitedly by all the countries of the world. Put at our national level, we immediately should stop deforestation and start afforestation. At the same time, we should take necessary steps to minimize the emission of greenhouse gases. Besides, we should keep ourselves up-to-date with the international community regarding our strategy to fight against climate change.

Conclusion : The world has been faced with the threat of extinction for the problems of climate change. If effective steps are not ensured to stop this change, the world will no more be inhabitable , So, it is high time we all including international community took concerted steps against climate change.

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