Dialogue about frequent road accidents

Dialogue about frequent road accidents
Dialogue about frequent road accidents

A dialogue between two friends, Rajib and Alok about frequent road accidents.

Rajib : Hello, Alok, anything wrong? You’re not looking easy:
Alok : Oh, don’t say. I’m very upset today.
Rajib : But why, my friend’?
Alok : Yesterday a road accident took the life of a joint secretary of the govt. Mr. Abu Taher. He was a man of our village.
Rajib : Oh, that’s very shocking.
Alok : You know, such accidents are occurring frequently in our country.

Rajib : You’re right. But the authority don’t seem to pay any heed to this.
Alok : What do you think, are the reasons behind these frequent road accidents?
Rajib I think, reckless driving and overtaking tendency of the drivers are mainly responsible for this.
Alok : You’re right. But what do you think about the ignorance of the drivers about traffic rules.
Rajib : Yes, this is also one of the main reasons.
Alok : Besides, I think inefficiency of the traffic authority worsens the situation. Am I right?

Rajib : Yes, you’re. Well, what should we do to stop such accidents?
Alok : First of all, due punishment of the reckless drivers must be ensured. Besides, everybody should be made aware of traffic rules and road safety.
Rajib : I agree with you. But I think, infrastructural and skill based development programme should be launched by the traffic authority at the same time Do you agree?,
Alok : Yes, of course. Well, I must leave now to attend the ‘Zanaza’ of Mr. Taher.
Rajib : Oh, sure. Just be careful on the way.
Alok : Thank you
Raiib : Thank you too.

Dialogue about frequent road accidents Version 2 :

A dialogue between two friends on frequent road accidents.

Talha: Good morning, friend. How are you?
Saad: Fine. And you?
Talha Fine. Long time no see.
Saad : Oh yes. I have been out of Dhaka for about one month.
Talha : Where did you go?
Saad : I went to chattogram. I had been so busy there.
Talha: How is the road to chattogram?
Saad : It is so crowded and risky.
Talha : Oh surely. There are so many vehicles moving along chattogram road.
Saad : As it is the biggest port city. There is always a huge rush on the streets.
Talha : Again there is no road divider on the streets. As a result the vehicles are changing lanes frequently. This causes frequent road accident.
Saad : Road accidents frequent not only on the chattogram road but every where in the country.
Talha : What should we do?
Saad : We have many things to do. Firstly we have to build many new roads. Talha : Then the traffic rules must be followed strictly.
Saad : Road accidents are taking away the lives of so many.
Talha : We must stop it any how.
Saad : Ok. Thank you.
Talha : Thank you.

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