A Dialogue about importance of learning English

dialogue between Anis (myself) and Antu about the importance of learning English.

Anis : Hi Antu, what’s the matter? You look bright?
Antu : Oh, I’ve received a letter from my brother. He has written to me about the importance of learning English.

Anis : Then tell me why learning English is important.
Antu: There Are several reasons behind the importance of learning English.
Anis: What’re they?

Antu: Firstly, it’s an international language. Secondly, it’s very important for higher education and thirdly, for getting a good job.

Anis : You’re quite right. But probably you’ve forgot the most important one.
Antu: What’s that?

Anis : Learning English is also needed for enriching our mother tongue.
Antu : Yes. I’ve forgot.
Anis : Now, what are you doing for your own English?

Antu : i am trying to gain proficiency through listening, reading, speaking and writing.

Anis : Ok, go on Wish your success.
Antu : Thank you very much.
Anis : Welcome.

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