Dialogue about the curse of illiteracy

dialogue about the curse of illiteracy
dialogue about the curse of illiteracy

Dialogue about the curse of illiteracy : A Dialogue Between two friends about the curse of illiteracy .

Asraful : Good morning, Roni ! How are you? .
Roni : Good morning, dear friend! I am well and you?
Asraful : I am also fine. Why do you look so gloomy and worried about?
Roni : I am very much worried about the curse of illiteracy in our life. illiteracy is compared to darkness.
Asraful : Yes, you are right. Could you please tell the causes of this social curse?
Roni : Extreme poverty and over population are the root causes Of this dangerous problem in our country.
Asraful : Is there any other root cause of this problem?
Roni : Social superstition and civic unawareness are also root causes of it.
Asraful : What is the bad effect of this problem?
Roni : It hampers our all development programmes. It is the root cause of corruptions, crimes, offences and sins.
Asraful : How can we get rid of this curse?
Roni : In order to eradicate illiteracy from the society, sufficient schools must be set up at every corner of the country and social superstition must be removed. The radio and television should broadcast programmes about the danger of illiteracy.
Asraful : Thanks a lot for your valuable information. No more today, good bye.
Roni : You are most welcome. See you again. Good bye.

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