Dialogue between two friends about global warming

Dialogue about global warming : A Dialogue Between two friends About global Warming and its effect.

Dialogue about global warming
Dialogue between two friends about global warming

Rubel: Good morning, Suman. How’re you?
Suman : Good morning, Rubel. I’m fine, and you?
Rubel : i’m also fine, thanks. Are you thinking about something?
Suman : Oh Yes. I’m thinking about global warming. It has become a burning question of the day. Can you tell me the causes behind it?
Rubel : Yes I can. Global warming is caused due to excessive concentration of carbon-di-oxide in the atmosphere.
Suman : How does it happen? Well, green house effect, emission of gases, and smoke from vehicles and industries are primarily responsible for increase of carbon-di-oxide in the air.
Suman : Oh. I see. And I read from an article that global warming has serious adverse consequences .
Rubel : Right you’re. Global warming leads to the rise of sea level. As a result, many islands and low lands including a considerable area of Bangladesh will go under water.
Suman : Oh! that will be a disaster .
Rubel : Here is not the end. Due to this global warming, natural calamities like flood, drought , cyclone, tidal bores etc. are getting more frequent day by day.
Suman : So, Bangladesh will be one of its worst victims! Can’t we do anything to prevent this?
Rubel : Of course we can! We must reduce emission of carbon di oxide Besides, we should plant more and more trees.
Suman :That’s right. It’s a must for our existence. Thank you, Rubel.
Rubel : You’re welcome.

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