Email About Importance of Group Study

Importance of Group Study email
Email About Importance of Group Study

Write an e-mail to your friend about the importance of group study. The e-mail can be sent to In your e-mail you should include- a subject line · salutation/ greetings · the benefits of group study · your impression on this · a closing mark and your name.


Subject : About the importance of group study

Dear Reduan
In your last e-mail you wanted to know about group study. Actually group study has its own ethics. It leads to a healthy criticism and paves the way to learn quickly. It increases our understanding a lesson of a subject smoothly. It is a must for generating more ideas about a topic. It also helps us to know about our weakness and ways to overcome skillfully. For these benefits our school / college gives us a golden opportunity to have group study on every subject. Hope you’ve understood the matter.
I’m eagerly waiting for your reply.

Yours ever

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