Flowers Of Bangladesh Composition

Flowers Of Bangladesh Composition
Flowers Of Bangladesh Composition

The Flowers of Bangladesh Composition : Bangladesh is a dream land in Asia. She is rich in various natural wealth. Her climate is neither too hot nor too cold. Her soil is fertile. so she is a land of flowers. The flower is one of the greatest gifts of nature. Hundreds of flowers bloom in our country
all the year round. They adds to the beauty of our land.

Varieties of flowers: There are different kinds of flower in Bangladesh. They are different in size, shape and colour and smell. Some flowers are scented and some are scentless. Some are small and some are big in size. Some are white, some are red, some are yellow, some are rosy and some are pink. Some are seasonal and some are all season flowers.

The common flowers: The rose, the hasnahena, the marigold, the jui, the beli, the chameli, the shefali, the kamini, the rajanigandha, the champa, the sunflower, the gandharaj, the lotus, the lily etc are the most common and popular flowers in our dream land.
The rose: The rose is the most familiar flower. It is called the queen of all flowers. It is noted for its sweet scent/smell, beauty and shape. All classes of people, high and low are fond of the rose. It grows everywhere in Bangladesh all the year round, The rose is of many colours. Some are red, some are white and some are pink. Some roses have no smell at all.

The hasnahena: The hasnahena is also noted for its sweet scent(smell) and beauty. It is small in size. It blooms in the rainy season. It blooms at night. Its sweet smell makes an attractive atmosphere for all. It grows anywhere in Bangladesh.

The gandharaj: The gandharaj is the most remarkable for its sweet scent/smell.It is a summer season flower. It blooms-at night. So it is called the flower of the night. It grows at all the parts of the country. The children are very fond of the gandharaj. It is presented in any joyful ceremony and function.

The marigold: The marigold is also another popular flower in Bangladesh. It grows in plenty in winter. It is golden in colour. Though it is scentless, it makes the garden very attractive for a long time. In a word, the marigold is the glory of winter. It can be said that it is a great gift of winter.

The krishnachura: Of all the flowers, the krishnachura is the most attractive. It is scentless. It blooms in spring. It is the glory of spring. It makes the whole area very beautiful and attractive. The children always try to collect the flower for its glorious colour. Besides,the tree of the krishnachura is the biggest of all flower plants.

The kadam: The kadam is also a very popular flower. It blooms in the rainy reason. It blooms in the big tree like the krishnachura. It blooms in cluster. It is yellow in colour. Though it is scentless, it attracts all for its shape and nice colour. It looks just like a small ball.

The usefulness of flowers: The flower is the symbol of pure love, true beauty, joy and pleasure. It is used to decorate houses and offices on occasions or ceremonies. We get honey and important medicine from flowers. The rose water and the attar are made from the rose.

Conclusion: The flower is the most useful and beautiful object of nature. It has a vital role in our life. It makes us both rich and cheerful. The flower has made our land beautiful. It removes the monotony of routine life. We should grow more flowers and take a great care of it.

Flowers Of Bangladesh Composition 2:

Composition Flowers Of Bangladesh : Literally flower is the coloured part of a plant from which the seed or fruit develops. But all flowers do not necessarily produce seed or fruit. Here we like to discuss garden flowers that are cultivated in home-grounds and in public parks and sometimes in agricultural fields for commercial purposes.

Special features of Bangladeshi flowers: Flowers are the special gifts of
nature in Bangladesh. They differ in size, colour, fragrance , season and even usage. On the other hand, many of the present flower species of Bangladesh are of foreign origin. Thus, there are species of Indian and Burmese origin as well as species from China, Japan, Africa and tropical America.

Classification of Bangladeshi flowers: Flowers of Bangladesh can be conveniently classified according to the plants they bloom in. From this point of view, flowers are of five kinds- flowers from trees, shrubs , climbers, bulbs and seasonal/herbs.

Flowers from trees: Flowering trees are usually planted in parks, big gardens, campuses of govt. establishments and educational institutions. They are attractive for bright blossoms or sweet fragrance . Some common tree flowers are Kadam, Red silk-collon, Flame of the forest , Peacock flower, pride of India, Indian Medlar etc.

Flowers from Climbers: Flowers of perennials with weak stem that climb on some support are of this kind. These are used in decorating buildings, gates, walls and fencenings. Some common flowers of this kind in Bangladesh are Malatilata, Baganbilas, Aparajita, Moon flower ,White Jasmine,Passion flower , etc.

Flowers from bulbs: Bulbs may be annuals or perennials. They usually die in winter and again reappear spring or summer. Many of them produce attractive flowers , some are fragrant too. Some such flowers commonly grown in Bangladesh are Tuberose, Dolanchampa, Gladiolus,etc.

Flowers from seasonal herbs: This kind of flowers are called season flowers and are commonly cultivated in winter. They are specially loved for their bright blossoms in our dull winter landscape. Some common season flowers of Bangladesh are Chandramallika, Dahlia, cosmos, Balsam, Marigold, Zinnia etc.

Importance: Flowers are symbols of beauty and purity. We consider them to be a token of love and respect. They soothe our troubled mind. We present bouquets of flowers to our near and dears and we also garland our leaders and visitors in different functions. The Hindus and Buddhists use flowers for religious rituals. Flowers have great economic value too. Recently flower cultivation in Bangladesh has been proved to be a money-maker. Now, flowers are also being exported.

Conclusion: Keats says, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”. A flower is, no doubt, a thing of beauty. Flowers lend colour, fragrance , beauty and charm to the land. They have a great soothing effect also. On the other hand, we have a great prospect of creating a lot of employment and earning huge foreign currency through effective floriculture. The concerned should look into the matter with due importance.

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