Leisure time composition In English

Leisure time composition
Leisure time composition

Leisure time composition : Leisure is the time of relaxation . It is true that man cannot live without work. But man cannot keep working all the time without break and rest. This rest in between the work is called leisure. Leisure refreshes us and helps us to regain the lost energy and enthusiasm for work. Without leisure a man gets bored and exhausted. As a result the progress in work gets slow and the works of a man without leisure get faulty. Leisure provides us with diversity and variety. Routine work results in a kind of monotony and dullness.

The necessity of relaxation: Importance of leisure beggars description. Leisure provides us with the much needed physical and mental relief from tiredness and boredom. Continuous work tells upon our body, mind and brain. Working is good but too much working is bad. In course of continuous work, one loses energy, concentration to work and presence of mind. As a result one’s working ability is gradually reduced without relief and rest. To recover the loss of energy and concentration of mind, leisure has no alternative. Measured leisure is a natural remedy for tiredness and exhaustion .

The ways of relaxation: During leisure we should not be completely idle because too much of rest will also create a negative feeling of boredom. Again on holiday we should avoid unhealthy amusement. There are so many ways of spending one’s leisure. We can spend our leisure playing football, cricket, or taking physical exercise. We can listen to music to spend leisure. Visiting families and friends is also a common pastime. Traveling to nice or important places is one of the most popular pastimes. Watching interesting movies can be a nice pastime. Computer has opened up an endless variety of leisure. Browsing on Internet, net chatting, playing games on computer are the – remarkable pastimes. Taking part in indoor games is another good way of leisure. Reading books and newspaper is a very good way of leisure for the people of all classes. Angling, gardening, hunting are some other usual pastimes. Whatever and however the country is. One leisure activity is common that is watching television.

The possible demerits of leisure: Too much of leisure is in fact a kind of idleness. We should keep in mind that leisure is a necessity, not a luxury. By taking part in unhealthy amusements, one can get back to work exhausted and tired. Unhealthy leisure may even cause harm to one’s health. Leisure is for the betterment of physical and mental health. So unhealthy and immoral amusements should be avoided to make the proper use of leisure. Leisure should be made use of both for mental and physical health. During leisure one should not get undisciplined and take to illegal course of action. Without a good planning leisure can be misused by many.

Conclusion: In the midst of our hectic life, we need to escape from the harsh reality of life. When we don’t feel like working, we want to take some rest. This rest is not idleness. Rather it is an essentiality. Leisure is beneficial to the freshness of health and mind. Leisure is in fact a biological and mental need for the recovery of energy of body and strength of mind. But leisure cannot be spent in any way one likes. Leisure should be spent in such a way so that it can prove to be beneficial to our physical and mental health. Recreation of body and mind is appreciated but excessive recreation affects our health.

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