Write a letter about the importance of physical exercise

A letter about the importance of physical exercise : Write a letter to your friend / brother about the importance of physical exercise.

Write a letter about the importance of physical exercise
letter about the importance of physical exercise

12 Lake Circus Road, Dhaka
30 January 2017

Dear Raihan,
I received your letter yesterday. It is praiseworthy that you’re going well with your studies. At the same time I want to give you an advice to take physical exercise regularly. You know that “A sound mind remains in a
sound body.” So to keep your body fit, you should take physical exercise daily. If you avoid it, your body will get rusty very easily. You will feel unwell all the times. Without soundness in your body, you will become inattentive to your study. Proper exercise is very important with a balanced diet. If you are too fat or too skinny, you will fall sick easily. Therefore, you should be careful of the rules of exercise. Otherwise, it may hamper your health. You must have a proper guideline for this. I think, you will inform me your details soon.
How’re your parents? Convey my salam to them and best wishes to Tuĥin. No more today.
Yours ever,

write a letter to your brother about the importance of physical exercise

August 20, 2021
181, Tejgaon, Dhaka.

Dear Biplab,
Good wishes and love to you. I hope you are going on well with your studies. I have come to learn that you are not keeping in good health in spite of having good food. I think it’s due to your aversion to take regular
physical exercise. Physical exercise is essential for keeping in good health. It builds up our body and makes us strong and healthy. It ensures a sound mind in a sound body. It takes our mind away from drudgery of work and fills it with joy. It gives us fresh energy and helps us to work hard with renewed vigour. It also provides us with the power of performing better intellectual work. If you want to do well in the examination, you have to be physically strong and stout. The man who is physically weak can’t achieve anything good in life. So the sooner you realize the importance of physical
exercise, the better it is for you.
No more today. Convey my best regards to parents and love to younger ones.
Your elder brother.

Note: Draw un envelope here and write the full address of the writer and the addressee.

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