Population problem in Bangladesh composition

Population problem in Bangladesh composition
Population problem in Bangladesh composition

population problem in Bangladesh composition: The population of a country is a blessing to her. But it becomes a curse when it grows very quickly and the people would not be productive. Bangladesh is a small country. Her population is increasing rapidly. The problem has reached to such an acute level that it is now considered number one problem of the country.

Demographic features of Bangladesh : The total population size of Bangladesh stood at 142.31 million in 2011 census. Now, it is considered to be more than 160 million. The population density of the country was 964 per square km in 2011. With this density, Bangladesh is regarded to be one of the most densely populated countries in the world. The growth rate of population now is about 1.34%. It is assumed that the population will be 185.2 million in 2021 and 243.9 million in 2051. Though that is the fact, such a scenario is too horrible to imagine.

Causes: The causes of high rate of population growth in Bangladesh are as follows—
(i) Ignorance : Most of the people of our country are ignorant . They do not know about the problem of over population. So they do not take the measures control the birth rate through family planning.
(ii) Superstitions : Some rural and religious superstitions obstruct our people in family planning or birth control. For this reason, they do not become eager to family planning.
(iii) Early marriage : Most of the boys and girls of our country get married before they become matured. This early marriage is a special cause of high rate of population growth.
(iv) Lack of female education : Women constitute almost half of the population of our country. But most of them are not educated. For this, the country cannot make them productive. Rather, they are contributing to population boom due to lack of consciousness and thus they are becoming the problem of the country.

Dangers of over population : If our population grows at such a high rate, our country will have to face a great problem. This will affect the economic development and progress of the country. The country would not be able to give proper food, clothes, residence, educational facilities, medical facilities and other basic necessaries of life to this increasing people. Unemployment problem is a great problem of our country. Deterioration of the present population scenario will add to it. Being unemployed, our young’s become frustrated . So they commit many social crimes. Again, this population problem causes serious traffic jam everyday. This traffic jam destroys much of our time. So, the over population is a great threat for our country.

Solution : To check the rapid growth of population, the following measures should be taken as early as possible : Firstly, the high birth rate of population have to be checked through family planning. It is the main effective solution of the problem. We have to make campaign to educate mass people. It will help them to understand the value of family planning and the problem of over population. Thirdly, early marriage has to be stopped by government law. People have to be made aware about the danger of population boom. Lastly, various encouraging programmes should be taken to make the people eager to stop the high growth rate o population.

Conclusion : Population problem in Bangladesh has gone so high that it needs addressed properly and an adequate planning process needs to be initiated soon. In fact, conventional solutions to this problem have not been working well. if we fail to check, the problem will increase and even go beyond control.

Population problem in Bangladesh composition 2:

Population problem in Bangladesh composition : The population is one of the greatest assets of a country. But it becomes a burden when a country can’t afford/meet her people the basic needs of life. Bangladesh is a very small land. Having an area of about 1,47,570 square kilo meters . She has nearly 160 million people. It is clear that her population is very big in proportion to her area. Again, ours is not a productive and skilled population. So population problem is a burning question in Bangladesh.

present situation : Bangladesh is overpopulated. Still her population is increasing rapidly day by day. The present growth rate of her population is nearly 28 per thousand each year. It is an alarming rate . About 1000 people live per square kilometer. Our population will be doubled within next 25 years if the present high growth rate continues .

The danger of over-population : The bad effect of over population is very dangerous. The increasing population is deprived of proper food, education, house, clothes, medical facilities and other basic needs of life. So they are illiterate, unproductive, unemployed and non-skilled. They live below extreme poverty line. They create various social crimes and corruptions , hampers peace and order in the society. In a word, our increasing unemployed population harms our all development plans and programmes severely.

The reasons of the problem : There are many reasons of our population problem. The principal reasons are the follows :
a. Illiteracy is the root cause of our over-population.
b. Extreme poverty another root cause of it.
c. Early marriage is also another main cause of it.
d. The lack of proper female education is also a principal cause of it.
e. Gender discrimination deepens this problem severely.
f. Public unawareness is also a great cause of it.
g. Social superstition also lengthens this problem.
h. Old method of cultivation causes this problem too.
i. Insufficient mills and factories are also another prime reasons of this problem.

Remedies/how to solve : In order to control this problem, the following steps must be adopted
a. The danger and curse of over-population must be published widely.
b. Illiteracy must be removed/eradicated from the society.
c. Early marriage must be banned in the country.
d. Public awareness must be created about the danger of over-population.
e. Social superstition must be rooted out/wiped out.
f. Gender discrimination must be stamped out.
g. Modern scientific method of cultivation should be introduced immediately.
h. Female education and Family planning must be made compulsory .
i. Technical education should be made compulsory.
j. More modern mills and factories should be set up across the country.
k. The lessen of birth control should be included in the textbooks.

Conclusion : Population problem is an alarming problem in Bangladesh. Now it is a great threat to our national development as well as our existence. People of all classes should come forward to control this frightful problem, otherwise we cannot build up Bangladesh a happier and safer place and our all development plans and programmes will not be successful.

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