Student Politics in Bangladesh Composition

Student Politics in Bangladesh Composition
Student Politics in Bangladesh Composition

Student Politics in Bangladesh Composition: Students are the potential future of a nation. They are the future leaders of the country. They should be prepared well for the future leadership of a country. They should acquire knowledge and skill in politics so that they can lead the
country to peace and prosperity. Their politics should be constructive and progressive .

Students and politics : There is a long argumentative question whether our students should engage in active politics or not. Many intellectuals differ in this regard. Some of them don’t support student politics whereas others express their deep arguments in favor of student politics. Student’s main duty is to study and prepare themselves for the struggle of life and to lead the country to peace and prosperity. Definitely they will shoulder the responsibilities of the country today or tomorrow. In this case they should participate in politics. But if this politics destroys our students, they will not be able to lead the country to peace and prosperity.
Student politics in the past : Our country had along glorious student politics. In the past, our students showed their greet service to the nation. During our mother language movement our brave students sacrificed their lives. They protested the injustice of the colonial govt. of Pakistan . Even during our liberation period, our students were directly involved in politics. They tried their utmost to materialize the dream of independence. so we see that our student politics was very glorious in the past.

Student politics at present : At present our student politics, losing its glorious past is going through extreme crisis. Now students are not getting the praise and honour of people. They have become the panic to the people. Our people avoid our student leaders. Nowadays, our student leaders have forgot their moral identities. They are always busy making their own fortune. They have forgot that they will lead the nation. As a matter of fact, our student polities has lost its previous glory.
Students involvement in nasty politics : Most of our student leaders have gone astray now. They are not controlled by their conscience and principles. They are controlled by our national political leaders who seduce them to commit crimes. Actually, our student politics has been totally corrupted.
Student’s involvement in terrorism and tender etc : Nowadays, our educational institutions have become mini cantonments. Our student leaders have become the perpetrators of terrorism. Students Councils in educational institutions have become the central parliament to carry out the illegal actions. All the institutions are infected with these terrorist activities. Our students have become money minded and greedy. They want to make’a lot of fortune doing this nasty politics. So, the normal progress of our educational institutions is being affected because of our students illegal-activities.

Student’s aloofness from study : Now a common tendency of most of our students is that they remain aloof from their respective studies. They remain busy in the evil activities feeling no urge to study. But if their education is incomplete, would they be able to lead the country to peace and prosperity? In fact, our student leaders should take study seriously for their personal betterment as well as the betterment of the country and countrymen.
Conclusion : Students will control every aspect of our country and run our nation being conscious citizens. So they need to gather experience of day to day life and every situation prevailing in our country. In this regard, student politics helps a student to be More conscious and more confident. But a student should not turn his life into a political life totally. Positive politics should be regarded just to be a course of a student life.

Student Politics Composition 2 :

Student Politics Composition : Students are involved in students politics when they read in colleges and universities. There are many controversial opinions about student politics. So, student politics is not beyond controversy inspite of its inevitability .

Students involvement in politics : Students are young and energetic, courageous and active. They are full of vigor and enthusiasm. So they are very handy for demonstrations, for mass meeting, for shouting slogans and for raising voice against social evil. The students sometimes involve themselves in politics willingly and knowing the aspects of it. Some join emotionally knowing nothing of its ultimate goal a end some involve in it
being biased by the political parties and for their own interest. However, the students, who are involved in politics, are urged to show their moral support to their respective issue. Controversial argument about student politics : Arguments for student politics and Defense against this are often heard from the guardians, important personalities and even from the general students of our country. The persons, who favor the student politics, argue that it has indispensability . In their opinion, students can take part in our social and national crisis. They can revolt against anarchism and they can motivate public opinion in the great interest of the nation. They even put arguments that in absence of students politics many of our valuable achievements would not have been possible like language movement, liberation movement and removal of autocratic government. So, involvement of the student politics is required. But a section of people refute these arguments. They consider it worthless as it hampers academic career of a student A student can spoil his life involving himself in politics as he does attain maturity to evaluate its merits and demerits. They even opine that students are Used as the tools of the main political party and sometimes, they entangle themselves in destructive activities which are undesirable. So, their arguments prove that student politics causes hopeless condition for the students as well as for the guardians.

Conclusion : Students are conscious citizens, no doubt. They will control every aspect of our country and run our nation. So, they need versatile experiences of day to day life and every situation prevailing in our country. In this regard student politics helps a student to be more conscious and more confident. So, it is by no means, harmful . But, a student should not render his life into a political life totally.

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