The wolf and the lamb story in English

The wolf and the lamb story
The wolf and the lamb story

The wolf and the lamb story  : One day a wolf came to a stream for a drink and found a beautiful lamb drinking from the same stream. The wolf thought of killing the lamb and eating its flesh. so he began to pick a quarrel with the lamb. He shouted, “You rogue, how dare you make the water dirty for me?” The lamb began to tremble in fear. But it collected himself and meekly said, “Excuse me sir, how can I make the water dirty for you? You are drinking upstream and I am drinking down stream. “The wolf could feel that this trick had failed. So he could say nothing to that but he was an expert in making lame excuses to fulfill his desire.

So he again shouted,” oh i remember, you called me bad names last year about this time.” “How can that be, sir?” said the lamb mildly. “i was not even born then”. But the wolf paid no heed his reply. He found that all his points were going in Vain in the face of the ready wits and all promptness of the little lamb. This made him furious. He felt that he had great physical power and the lamb was too feeble to resist any of his attempts to kill it. so he need not show any excuse.

He growled angrily. “Then it must have been your father And it Makes no difference whether it. was you or your father. “I will kill you and that’s final. ” So saying, he jumped upon the poor lamb and ate him Up.

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