A dialogue about tree plantation

A dialogue about tree plantation: A dialogue between two friend about tree plantation.

A Dialogue about Tree plantation
A Dialogue about Tree plantation

AlI: Good morning, Sapan. How are you?
Sapan : Good morning, dear friend. I am fine and you?
Ali: I am fine too. I am very glad to know that you are very much interested in planting more trees.
Sapan : Yes, I have started planting trees around our houses and I always take part in tree plantation programmes. Our existence on earth is impossible without the tree.
Ali : Could you please tell why our existence is not possible on earth, dear friend?
Sapan : Listen, without oxygen no living being can live. It is the tree which gives us oxygen. So the tree is life.
Ali : Exactly true. Yes, our existence on earth can not be thought of without this life saving element.
Sapan : Thank you very much for this. The tree helps to maintain ecological balance and prevent natural disasters too.
Ali : Dear friend, you are doing a noble job. I will also follow and take part in the tree plantation programme to save the environment.
Sapan : Of course, each and every educated person and the student should come forward to make the tree plantation programme successful.
Ali : Thank you very much for your valuable information. No more today. See you again. Good bye.
Sapan : You are most welcome. Good bye!

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