Tree plantation composition in English

Tree plantation composition in English
Tree plantation composition in English

Tree Plantation composition : Nature is full of many useful and important wealth. The tree is one of the most useful and important elements of Nature. It is one of the best friends of men, animals and birds. A tree keeps environment and climate of a area balanced and sound. We can not do even a day without the blessings of trees. So it is our bounden duty to plant more trees and take care of them properly. Tree plantation means planting more and more trees around our houses, highways, rail lines, offices and roads.

Value/utility : The value of trees in our life is very great. Its importance (value) is stated below :
a. A tree is a great source of fruits and vitamins which give us vital force.
b. It is the root source of wood which is used for making furniture and houses, shops, ships and steamers.
c. It is also a great source of many valuable medicines which save our life.
d. It causes heavy rainfall which makes soil soft and fertile and we get plenty of crops, fruits and vegetables.
e. It produces huge oxygen which is indispensable of life.
f. The tree which inhales carbon-di-oxide, a life killing substance.
g. It prevents air pollution which endangers our existence.
h. It maintains the ecological balance of our environment.
i. It prevents soil from erosion and natural disasters.
j. It saves houses from floods, cyclones and storms.
k.. It gives shade which saves us from the scorching heat of the sun.
l. It brings a lot of foreign currency every year .

Result of destroying trees : Today deforestation is a major and alarming problem. It is the global problem too. Now trees are being cut down and forests are being burnt at random. As a result, we face the following dangerous problems in our day- to-day life.
a. Air pollution is increasing day by day.
b. Temperature is going up wonderfully day by day.
c. There is a little rainfall in our country which hampers our crops.
d. Floods, Cyclones, Sidrs, tidal bores and storms visit in our country every year.
e. The balance of our six seasons is seriously hampered.
f. Every year a bitter cold grips in the northern part of our country.

Tree plantation : It is high time we started tree plantation programme to save our environment as well as our existence on earth. Trees should be planted on the banks of ponds and darns, on the both sides of roads, highways, rail lines, embankments and barrages. Trees should be planted on any fallow land near our houses, schools and offices. June and July are the proper time for tree plantation. With a view to making the tree plantation programme successful. Public awareness must be raised, illiteracy must be wiped out and population explosion must be controlled.

Conclusion : Trees are very useful to men and animals. They are part and parcel in our life. In order to maintain a good harmony between man and nature we must plant more and more trees. If we don’t stop the cutting down of trees and the burning down of forests, our existence will become impossible on earth. So we should stop the cutting down of trees and destruction of forest for our greater interest.

Tree plantation composition 2 :

Tree Plantation composition : Tree is the most essential component of our ecology . Without the existence of forest, to live on earth is quite impossible. Trees primarily and most importantly provide mankind with oxygen. Again trees provide man with furniture and fuel which make life more comfortable as well as enjoyable. But even knowing all these, man is going on destroying forests as if he were in a competition to destroy the beautiful forest.

The perspective of tree plantation : In Bangladesh people are already facing the disasters resulting directly from the ecological imbalance prevailing in our country. In order to maintain the healthy balance of ecology, a country needs forest on the 25% area of its total land. But in Bangladesh the total forest area is much below the required level. Even the remaining forest area is being depleted by man so fast that Bangladesh has been affected the worst by natural calamity . Bangladesh almost every year falls victim to natural disasters like cyclone, tornado, flood. According to the ecologists Bangladesh is facing the possible threat of being engulfed by sea in the near future.

How trees benefit us: Trees are the source of oxygen which is inevitable for life. So trees are as important as water for life. On the other hand trees inhale carbon-di-oxide and maintain the balance of gases in air. Once again trees are the major source of furniture and fuel. Trees give fruits which relish human body and meet the human need of vitamin as well as medicine. Trees also beautify our earth which without trees could have been well an ugly place like Sahara desert . By planting trees one can sell trees when fully grown up, as timber. If one plants fruits trees, one can sell fruits produced more than he needs personally and for family.

Proper time of tree plantation : In Bangladesh June to July is the proper time for plantation. Government should launch a more vigorous programme for tree plantation to involve each and every Bangladeshi in this campaign . Different social organizations like NGOs and students should take part actively to expedite afforestation programme .

Conclusion : We are the citizens of an independent country. It is our sacred duty to contribute to the country’s development every possible way. So we all should take a vow that all of us will, at least, plant two saplings every year so that the Sonar bangla can he really safe from the clutch of natural disasters and Sonar Bangla can also be termed as Shabuz Bangla.

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