Environment Pollution Composition in English

Environment Pollution Composition in English
Environment Pollution Composition in English

Environment Pollution Composition : Environmental Pollution is the most talked topic of the present world. Climatologists as well as the conscious people of the world are much concerned about it. It is being said that if we cannot prevent environmental pollution, the world will soon become uninhabitable .

What is environmental pollution: Environment refers to the natural world in which people, animals and plants live. On the other hand, pollution means the process of making anything dirty or harmful. Air, water, soil, sound etc. are the elements of environment. So, the process of making these elements dirty or harmful for people, animals and plants is environmental pollution. In broader sense, environmental pollution means a remarkable change in chemical, physical and biological characteristics of environment.

Ways of environmental pollution : Our environment is polluted in many ways. Air is polluted by smoke and water is polluted by waste and filth. Another form of environmental pollution is sound pollution. Sound is polluted by vehicle horns and microphones. Odour is polluted by untreated human waste. The most serious way of environmental pollution is greenhouse effect. It is the result of indiscriminate cutting down of trees. Trees keep the balance of Oxygen and Carbon-dioxide in our environment. When we cut down trees, Carbon-dioxide and other greenhouse gases increase in the environment and cause global warming. This ultimately results in greenhouse effect.
Effect of environmental pollution : Environmental pollution creates a ruinous effect. If our environment is polluted, we cannot live a comfortable life. Pollution causes various fatal diseases and the death of millions of people all over the world . The world’s climate changes and brings about different- kinds of natural disasters . In a word, it hinders the balance and harmony of environment.

How to prevent : To prevent environmental pollution, first of all indiscriminate cutting down of trees should be stopped. Besides, we have to do more and more tree plantation . Action should be taken against indiscriminate use of chemicals and throwing of waste and filth here and there. Above all, public awareness have to be created through mass campaign in the mass medias.

Conclusion : All things that make up the environment are Interrelated . If one element is polluted, all the other parts are affected. So, it is our bounden responsibility to prevent the environment from being polluted . By keeping our environment pollution free, we can ensure a healthier and happier life for our future generation.

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