Floods in Bangladesh composition in English

Floods in Bangladesh composition
Floods in Bangladesh composition

Floods in Bangladesh Composition : Bangladesh is a low land. She has a lot of rivers, canals, beels and
haors. Besides, the melting of the snows on the mountain causes floods too. Most of our rivers are shallow owing to silt, so they can’t hold enough water in the rainy season. Now this is the principal reason of floods in Bangladesh. She lies in monsoon area. So every year various natural disasters hit Bangladesh. Flood is one of them. So flood is very common in Bangladesh. Almost every year flood occur/ visit in our low-lying land. It is one of the greatest natural calamities in Bangladesh.

What flood is : The rainwater that over-flows the banks (the danger points) of the rivers and submerge a vast land area and damages crops, properties, houses, poultry farms and lives is known as a flood.

Causes of floods: The causes of flood are many. It is caused by heavy rainfall. During the rainy season, it rains cats and dogs (in torrents) for days together. As a result, flood visits in our country. Cyclones, tidal bores and earthquake also cause floods in Bangladesh.
The recent floods : The most devastating floods occurred in Bangladesh in the years of 1954, 1955, 1960, 1970, 1974, 1988, 1990, 1994 , 1998, 2004 and 2007. The flood of 1998 broke off the records of the past. Then almost the whole country went under flood water. Thousands of people became homeless and helpless and many people lost their valuable lives.

Bad effects : Flood causes great havoc. It brings untold loss and sufferings to men, animals, trees, roads, bridges, properties and crops. Crops are damaged, trees are uprooted, houses are washed away. Many men and animals lose their lives. People become homeless and helpless. Roads and bridges are damaged. Communication
links are cut off/suspended during floods. Food production is lessened. The normal life is greatly hampered.

Effects after the flood: After flood epidemic and famine break out in the flood affected areas. The flood-victims suffer from various water-borne diseases. The victims do not get pure drinking water and good food. The price of essential daily commodities goes up. Many people die of starvation and water-borne diseases.

Remedies: Some necessary measures should be adopted to control floods. The silted up river-beds should be dredged. Necessary embankments, dams and barrages should be built immediately. Deforestation must be stopped. Illiteracy, must be eradicated and civic awareness must be created about the causes of floods.
Relief operations : During the flood the government, the local NGOs, the local social organizations and other voluntary organizations come forward to help the flood victims. Medical teams are sent, necessary relief camps are set up to distribute relief goods and clothes among the flood victims. Some college and schools also set up relief camps on
their compound to lessen their sufferings and sorrows.

Conclusion : Though flood has a lot of demerits and disadvantages, it does a great good to us in many ways. It makes our soil fertile, alluvial and soft which helps to grow better crops and vegetables. People must be conscious of the causes of this alarming natural disasters.


Composition on flood in Bangladesh : Flood is a natural calamity. It is relatively high flow of water that
overtops the natural or artificial banks in any of the reaches of a stream. Floods are more or less a recurring phenomenon in Bangladesh. Almost every year, she suffers from flood due to her geography.

Causes of flood : There are several factors which cause flood in Bangladesh. These may be classified into – (i) Natural causes and (ii) Artificial causes. Natural causes include the low topography of the country, heavy showers or rain, cyclones, tidal bores and melting or snow on mountains, On the other hand, deforestation, collapse of barrages and infrastructural lacunas are the examples of artificial causes.

Damages caused by Flood : The havoc done by flood beggars description. It causes a heavy loss to our life, property and crops. It sweeps over villages, roads and fields. Each year about 18% of the country is flooded. During severe floods, the affected area may exceed 55% of the total area of the country. Hood washes away cattle and even people’s houses. Many human lives arc lost, crops are damaged and ,trees are uprooted. All the communication System is suspended. People become homeless and they take shelter on high roads, schools and colleges.

After effects of flood : The after effects of flood are more dangerous. Famine breaks out in the flood affected areas. Many waterborne diseases like cholera, dysentery etc. break out in an epidemic form. There is scarcity of drinking water. The price of all daily necessaries goes up.

Advantages of flood : There are some positive aspects of flood too. It brings a great deal of silt and makes our land fertile. It washes away accumulated filth from earth and thus refreshes the environment.

Some devastating floods in Bangladesh : The history of floods in Bangladesh is inseparable from the history of this land. Every century she witnesses the visit of a large number of intense floods. Among these, the floods of 1955, 1963., 1974, 1987, 1988, 1998 and 2004 were the most devastating. The flood in 1988 was unprecedented. It undated about 67% of the total area. The flood in 1998 was also very strong More than 70% of the area of the country was flooded and it lasted for more wan two months. Then the flood in 2004 had broken all former records. Over two thirds of the total area went under water. The flood caused a total loss of 42 thousand crores taka. Last of all, the last two consecutive floods in 2007 were also very terrible. Nearly 48 districts were swept over by the floods. It took a heavy toll of lives. Many people became homeless, many cattle died and huge properties were damaged.

Measures to control flood : It is urgently necessary to take proper steps for the prevention of flood in our country. Both long and short-term plans can be taken. The silted-up beds of our rivers should be excavated for carrying more water. Proper embankments should be constructed. Besides, a well planned irrigation system will go a long way to reduce the extent and fury of flood. Moreover, an efficient relief measure should be introduced promptly.

Conclusion : Flood causes a huge loss to our country every year. So we must find out effective and permanent measures for the prevention of flood. It is a matter of hope the Govt. has already initiated Flood Action Plan (FAP) and other Flood control Drainage and Irrigation projects to control the depth of flooding in our country.

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