Modern Technology and Globalization Composition In English

Modern Technology and Globalization Composition
Modern Technology and Globalization Composition

Modern Technology and Globalization Composition : Modern technology and globalization go hand in hand. Globalization can not be thought of without the use of modern technology. In fact, globalization is something based on a strong technological foundation.

What is modern technology : The term ‘technology’ means scientific knowledge, machinery or equipment, But ‘modern technology’ means something more than that. It actually refers to high technology or information technology. The most modern methods or machines, especially electronic one’s are regarded as modern technology. In other words, modern technology is the use of electronic equipment’s especially computers for storing, analyzing and sending out information.
What is globalization : Globalization has become a ‘buzzword’ in the new era of international relations. Basically, it is a process of expanding trade and commerce all over the world creating a border-less market. Thus, globalization process turns the world into a global village.

Relation between modern technology and globalization : ‘Information’ and ‘Communication’ are two terms without which we can not even think of globalization. We know globalization is strongly based on the concept of trade and commerce. At the same time, it is largely based on a strong technological foundation. The electronic transfer of information via the Internet has now created an instantaneous and interconnected world of information. This results in a 24 hour trading network. This technology has largely changed banking and financial activities. Worldwide money transfer and transaction of businesses have now become so easy. We just have to click the mouse of a computer and we can have our target fulfilled. A statistics show that five out of every six dollars that move in the world economy today travel through the electronic medium. Some products like software and TV programmes are also amenable to digital or electronic transmission. We can now buy and sell goods through the electronic screen. So, we see that modern technology has thus brought about a revolutionary change in today’s world and materialized the concept of globalization.

Some disadvantages of technological advancement : Globalization or technological advancement or any other modern concepts or ideas have no intention to do something against humanity. But some people believe that the concept of globalisation has been designed for the welfare of the developed countries and with the technological advancement many people of the world are getting unemployed. Apparently, this particular school of thought has some practical reasons to believe so.
Conclusion : Globalization wants to create, a border-less market for expanding trade and commerce. Hi-tech communication media and rapid transportation facilities actually turn the world into a global village and create the border-less market. So, we see that globalization is now only what modern technology makes possible. On the other hand, the estimated disadvantages of technological advancement and globalization are not at all disadvantages. Rather, these are promoting human endeavor to be a part of a more sophisticated and effective manpower.

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